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[[Category:Male characters]]
[[Category:Male characters]]
[[Category:Characters voiced by Themselves]]
[[Category:Characters voiced by Themselves]]
[[Category:Black-Haired Characters]]

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This article is about the Alec Baldwin character. For the real-life actor and guest star, please see Alec Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin is an American actor. He lives in a hidden house in Springfield with his wife Kim Basinger. They are good friends with Ron Howard.


Homer meets Alec after crashing through his ceiling. Both Alec and Kim befriend Homer and accept his help with some household chores that they were unable to do because it would reveal their secret location. The friendship sours with Alec when he discovers Homer has created a museum about how much of a jerk celebrities are. When they discover Homer took all their stuff, a high-speed chase ensues in which Alec jumps from his car onto Homer's truck, much to Alec's surprise that he could perform the stunt.


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