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Alex is a smart boy with big round glasses who entered and won the Spellympics. He is known to replace "l" and "r" sounds with "w" sounds when pronouncing words (possibly due to his young age).


Alex's first appearance is during his turn in the Spellympics, where he correctly spells the word "anthrax", much to the adored delight of the audience. After both he, Lisa, and Sun Moon move up to the final three, the host of the Spellympics: George Plimpton asks Lisa to lose in the next round and let Alex win, due to his cuteness and popularity with the audience, in order to boost the ratings of the spelling bee. During the final round, after Sun Moon is intentionally disqualified, Plimpton asks Alex to spell "rigged" (as a joking response to what just happened), which he correctly does. After Lisa reveals the she was told to take a dive, but unintentionally misspells "intransigence", Alex automatically wins the Spellympics. As the Simpsons drive home, Homer points out all the kids in the nearby cars who didn't win in order to cheer Lisa up, but accidentally points out Alex, who is seen in the car holding his trophy.




  • Though barely visible, Alex actually has freckles.