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Alice Glick is an elderly woman who resides in Springfield.


Alice Glick lives in the Simpsons's neighborhood. Bart met her when he was trying to earn money to buy a collector's item comic book. Mrs. Glick put Bart to work doing chores around her house, but because she paid him very poorly, he quickly grew to loathe her. During one of Bart's work sessions with Mrs. Glick, she showed him "an old lady thing" where she dyed her wedding dress black for her husband's funeral.[1]

Doctor Hibbert confessed to once leaving his car keys inside her while operating.[2] She also tried to sell a candy dish for ninety dollars that she forcefully insisted could only be used for storing candy.[3] Mrs. Glick was shown at the Springfield Swap-and-Meet, selling many valuable items such as an original copy of the Declaration of Independence, the first Superman comic, Inverted Jenny postal stamps and a Stradivarius violin, all for five cents.[4] Mrs. Glick once took the heart donor ticket off her I.D., along with many other people around her.[5] Mrs. Glick is among the protesters outside the Immigration and Naturalization Service building with a sign that reads HOMER SAYS “GET OUT” that Homer had made.[6] Mrs. Glick is walking along a downtown street with her groceries when she trips and falls upside down into a trash can.[7]


Alice is possibly suffering from dementia; consequently, her grasp on reality can be questioned at times. She also appears to not be aware of the times, having paid Bart 25 cents (a shadow of its former value) and living a solely archaic lifestyle to accompany it.

When residents of Springfield were at the Kwik-E-Mart stocking up food for a hurricane, she grabbed Lisa's head, thinking she was a pineapple, and carried her on her shopping cart along with Ralph (whom she thought was a pumpkin). Ralph then revealed that Mrs. planned on cooking them into a pie.[8]

Alice Glick's death mentioned on the News

Family and Friends

Alice appears to be one of the ladies who gets her hair done on a regular basis at the salon Marge goes to. Alice also watches soap operas. Alice also appears to be civic pride where Springfield is concerned, enjoying Jebediah Springfield Day.

Mrs. Glick had a brother named Asa, who died during World War I. He was killed by his own grenade when he held onto it for too long.[1]

It is revealed that Alice is a long-time friend of Myrna Bellamy. However, given that Myrna Bellamy does not exist, but is a fictional character created for the reality show Frame Up, this could mean the show's producers either hired Mrs. Glick to be part of the cast or knew of her dementia and took advantage of it to get her to go along with the story.[9] She also appears to be friendly with Agnes Skinner.

Supposed Death

Alice is killed in "Replaceable You" by a rogue robot seal. She is later seen in Heaven. Despite this, she has appeared alive and well in later episodes, which brings up the thought that she didn't die at all.

Behind the Laughter

Alice is seen sitting in the front row in "The D'oh-cial Network", despite having died in "Replaceable You".

Following her debut in the episode "Three Men and a Comic Book", Alice became a recurring minor character, often seen at the hospital or the Springfield Retirement Castle. In addition to minor speaking roles, she also lingers in the background of various episodes, often laughing toothlessly. Groundskeeper Willie once even made a remark about it, quoting "How come yer always around?!", frightening Mrs. Glick.

In her first appearance, Alice was voiced by Cloris Leachman. In all her appearances since then, she is voiced by Tress MacNeille.




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