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Miracle on Evergreen Terrace
All Singing, All Dancing
Bart Carny
Lee Marvin: (singing) Gonna paint your wagon. Gonna paint it fine. Gotta use oil based paint because the wood is pine!

Homer: Singing is the lowest form of entertainment.
Marge: Homer, you sing all the time.
Homer: No I don't, I hate to rhyme.

Bart: (singing; to Homer) Mom was right, your singing's a sin. You're as les misérable as Lee Marvin.
Homer strangles him
Marge: (singing) Sure, your dad's singing could make your hair curl, but you too, Bart have sung and danced like a girl.
Bart: EEP!

Snake: Aw. A singing family, it's so beautiful than I feared. For hostage purposes, you're just too weird.

Homer: (singing) All right, Marge, you've convinced me. There are more terrible things than musical comedies where everyone sings.
Lisa: (singing) There is something worse.
Bart: (singing) And it really does blow.
Everyone: When a long running series does a cheesy clip show!

Snake: (shooting sounds are heard during the credits off-set) Yo I told you to stop the music, dudes! I'm serious! (sounds of crickets chirping, then music resumes) Oh, you're so not listening! (hears more shooting sounds, more chirping cricket sounds, music resumes again) Okay, I hear that. I hear that, dude! (a single shooting sound is heard, then cues Gracie Films logo with one last shooting sound effect) You too, Gracie music dude! Gah!

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