Miracle on Evergreen Terrace
All Singing, All Dancing
Bart Carny


  • This is one of the four episodes that is rated TV-G in its original release. However, Amazon.com and Disney+ says that the episode is rated TV-PG.
  • All of the musical numbers in this episode, with the exception of "We Put the Spring in Springfield", are on the soundtrack Songs in the Key of Springfield. "We Put the Spring in Springfield" instead appears in Go Simpsonic with The Simpsons.
  • The first shots by Snake are heard over Phil Hartman's name in the credits (Hartman was shot dead by his wife as he slept, four months after this episode first aired). While technically this is his last episode produced, his only part in this episode is a clip from Marge vs. the Monorail.
  • When this episode is shown in syndication, the endings to the first two song clips are cut out. Sometimes, the credits also cut off right after Snake's first shots.
  • The song Snake sings while speaking with the Simpson family is a parody of Zanzibar by Billy Joel.
  • At one point, towards the end of the episode, there is a banner saying "Simpsons Clip Show" and the episodes production code which is (5F24), an example of a breach of the fourth wall.
  • When Lisa lists all the people who sing (Krusty, Mr Burns and Apu), they consist of all the main male voice actors (Dan Castellaneta, Harry Shearer, and Hank Azaria, respectively).
  • In the Latin American dubbing, this is the first time when songs have been dubbed as well. In the original episodes, the songs are broadcast in English without subtitles and the rest of the audio is Spanish. It also happens in the Brazilian dubbing. In Spain the songs that were not translated in the original episodes were "We Put the Spring in Springfield" and "Stonecutters' song".
  • In the Latin American dubbing, Bart's voice, Marina Huerta, has been replaced by Claudia Motta. The person who dubbed Bart for the past 9 seasons would later come back in the 15th season, ironically when the rest of the cast had left and been replaced.
  • Marge references Bart being good at ballet.
  • The end of this episode breaks the fourth wall.
  • This is the first episode to air in 1998.

An ear with no hole


  • In the film Paint Your Wagon, as the older man is noting that the wagon is shabby, his earhole disappears for a frame.

    Space between Marge's neck and necklace

  • After Bart makes fun of Homer's singing and Marge points out that Bart has sung too, her head is mispositioned for a frame so that some space between her neck and necklace is visible.
  • In the hymn scene, Jasper Beardly's beard is briefly colored yellow from "Bart Sells His Soul".
    • However this goof isn't this episode's fault but the aforementioned one's.

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