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[[pl:All Singing, All Dancing]]
[[pl:All Singing, All Dancing]]
[[pt:Cantando e dançando]]
[[Category:Snake Episodes]]
[[Category:Snake Episodes]]

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Miracle on Evergreen Terrace
All Singing, All Dancing
Bart Carny

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This episode is a clip show.
It features clips from previous episodes.
Ooh, why did they have to screw up a perfectly serviceable wagon story with all that fruity singing?
Homer about the film

"All Singing, All Dancing" is the eleventh episode of Season 9 (originally going to be the last episode of said season, but "Natural Born Kissers" took it's place). 


Anticipating a bloody Clint Eastwood-Lee Marvin shoot-'em-up, Bart and Homer are horrified to discover that their video rental, Paint Your Wagon, is actually a musical. Several song and dance moments from seasons past are recalled.

Full Story

Act 1

Homer rents the movie Paint Your Wagon for the family to watch. He and Bart expect to see a violent Western movie starring Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood and someone who appears to be Lee Van Cleef. However, the truth is that the movie is actually a musical. This causes Homer to dispose the tape and condemn singing, but Marge says that Homer often sings.

The Simpson family then starts their debate, which leads to clips of Homer singing Baby on Board with Principal Skinner, Barney and Apu in Homer's Barbershop Quartet, and We Put the Spring in Springfield with Bart, Belle and other Springfield citizens in Bart After Dark.

After that, Bart sings an insult about Homer's singing, which leads Homer to strangle Bart when Marge sings that Bart had also sung "and danced like a girl". This leads to when Bart sang Springfield, Springfield with Milhouse in Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood. When this flashback is done, Snake Jailbird jumps into the house through an open window and warns the family not to move or he shall blow their heads off.

Act 2

As Snake holds the Simpson family hostage at gunpoint, Marge and Homer sing-beg him to spare their kids. Snake then sings that for hostage purposes, they are too weird and leaves. After Snake leaves, Lisa sings about many other citizens of Springfield who can singing. This leads to clips of them and Apu singing Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart in Homer and Apu, Krusty and Sideshow Mel singing their version of Send in the Clowns in Krusty Gets Kancelled, and Lisa and Bart watching Mr. Burns sing See My Vest in Two Dozen and One Greyhounds.

After those flashbacks, Snake suddenly returns through the window, singing that he got annoyed with their music from his first visit and plans to kill them all for getting a song stuck in his head. Homer then says that he should have closed the window.

Act 3

Snake prepares to shoot the Simpson family, but his rifle was empty, so he leaves again to get extra ammo. The family continues to sing, which leads to another flashback at three more musical numbers; Lyle Lanley and the citizens singing The Monorail Song in Marge vs. the Monorail, the Springfield citizens at church singing "In the Garden of Eden" by I. Ron Butterfly (actually In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly) in Bart Sells His Soul, and Homer with the other Stonecutters singing We Do in Homer the Great

Homer sings of being convinced, but when Snake hops through the window once again and starts singing that he is finally going to kill them, Marge says that they are finished singing. Snake then told her that he had no reason to kill them, so he leaves once again. The Simpson family then prepare for dinner while Marge closes the window and hums. Snake, who just heard Marge's humming, fires a bullet at the window, making the glass break, which Marge says "Okay! Okay! Sorry!" During the end credits, Snake is heard shooting the theme song, making it stop for a few seconds, then play very quietly afterwards. Snake still hears it, and shoots at it again. Finally, when the Gracie Films logo is seen, he even shoots the music there and says, "You, too, Gracie music dude! Gaw!" 


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