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Springfield has several alleys in different locations. Many times these have no exit, thus making the people who run inside to get trapped.

One of the first alleys seen was when Bart, Eddie and Lou were looking for Snake and the latter was about to run Bart over, but the alley got narrower and so the Lil' Bandit squeezed and crushed Snake, just before Bart got ran over.

One of the alleys is seen when Bart decided to make Samantha's dad see Milhouse and Samantha kissing. Bart then walked down the other alley and, laughing, his shadow appeared on the end of the alley.[1]

When Bart and Milhouse were being chased by the mob, they jumped some boxes to cross the locked door to an alley. Fat Tony jumped the door and kicked the boxes away. He, Louie and Legs almost shot them, but Marge threw Lisa's robot Linguo to them so the mob gets distracted. Marge then finds Bart and Milhouse shaking inside a dustbin in the alley.[2]

When Homer and Sideshow Bob were trying to trap Homer's assassin walking on stilts, he walked into an alley and got trapped by Homer and Bob, so he revealed himself to be Frank Grimes, Jr.. The police then arrested him. The wall at the end of the alley is made by a company that builds the tallest walls.[3]

When Snake was running from Homer, he got himself trapped in an alley.[4]

Bart was once escaping the police at Waverly Hills. He ran into a dead-end alley and Chief Wiggum caught him, because Bart bailed on Ralph's birthday party.[5]

Non canon

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In the video games "The Simpsons Road Rage" and "The Simpsons: Hit and Run", there are some alleys which can be used as short-cuts.

In "The Simpsons Game", when Marge confiscates Bart's Grand Theft Scratchy video game, he walked sadly into an alley where a guide for The Simpsons Game falls from the sky. This alley has an exit, unlike most of the others.


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