American Boneheads: A Day in the Life Of Springfield Elementary is a documentary made by Declan Desmond. It features the school children of Springfield Elementary.


Bart Simpson

In the schoolyard, Bart was making mudballs. Suddenly, the bullies threw a mudball on his head and Bart started crying, trying to hide from the camera. Because of this, his popularity in school was gone. Meanwhile, Nelson and other bullies stole car's hoods that made them popular. To regain his popularity back, Bart decided to do what they did, and better. Unfortunately, since there was no light, kids ran around Springfield and cut off hood ornaments from all cars.

Milhouse Van Houten

Milhouse and Ralph were the hall monitors during the interview, with Milhouse acting too melodramatically. Later, Milhouse said that he wanted to become a baseball player, though he couldn't his any of the tee-balls. When he finally knocked the ball off, he headed for first base but tripped over the t-ball stand, knocking himself.

Ralph Wiggum

Milhouse and Ralph were the hall monitors during the interview. Ralph said his sash says Ultraman and started parodying him. He later told Declan that he was gonna live with underground grandma in seven years.

Lisa Simpson

Principal Skinner led Declan to "a random door" and opened it. In a Victorian-style room, filled with books and Bach playing in the background, there is Lisa sitting on an armchair, reading 6th grade level book. She is introduced as a typical student and Skinner pushed Declan to talk with her. However, after Skinner had left, Lisa leaned back in her armchair and accidentally knocked over all the "bookcase" props, exposing the room to be a storage room. Declan asked Lisa what her hobbies are. She rattled off several, but Decland told her to have only one major passion. She decided for astronomy and wanted to observe the night sky, but it is impossible because of light pollution above Springfield. Lisa started a petition to reduce the town's light pollution.

Jimbo Jones

During the interview, Jimbo said that he was gonna go to a 2-year technical school and then work in a garage. Dolph and Kearney that started beating him and calling him names.


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