The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed
American History X-cellent
The Bob Next Door


  • The title is a parody of the 1998 drama American History X, but tacks on Mr. Burns' catchphrase at the end.
  • There is a POV shot of Carl inside the diving suit, a reference to the highly acclaimed video game BioShock, with Carl as the Big Daddy and Homer as a Brute Splicer.
  • The painting of 'The Concert' by Johannes Vermeer from Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum being in Burns' manison is a reference to an actually art theft that occurred in 1990. Lou inform Wiggums about it, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum to be sure.
  • The religious prisoner who sucks out Burn's evil is an homage to the The Green Mile character John Coffey as portrayed by Michael Clarke Duncan in the film version of the story.
  • The painting of Mr. Burns seen on the wall when Smithers is moving into Mr. Burns' office is a likeness of a painting by Francisco Goya, 'Saturno devorando a su hijo' (Saturn Devouring His Son).


  • Although Mr. Burns has been replaced or substituted by many characters before, including Lenny and even Homer, this episode marks the first time that Smithers himself replaces Mr. Burns as owner of the Power Plant.
  • This episode also implies that Smithers might have become openly gay, given Homer's comment about knowing about Smither's tendency to "like his loafers light" as well as flashing Smithers twice, with the first time suggesting Smithers to "use that image any way [Smithers] would like."
  • This episode shows Sideshow Bob being in the washing machine and the dryer, put there by a laughing Snake who was Bob's friend and cell mate in the first few seasons, suggesting that either he stopped being Bob's friend, or it was a practical joke.
  • Lisa's ant farm is modeled after the Uncle Milton style ant farms.
  • The episode is mostly by Burns, we see a sub-story about Bart and Lisa on which Burns has nothing to with them.
  • The creatures that Burns had in his wine cellar included a Dodo, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Saber-tooth tiger and the skeleton a trespasser holding a bottle of wine.
  • This is third episode where Mr. Burns is replaced by another power plant employee after The Old Man and the Lisa and C.E. D'oh.
  • In the UK this episode only airs in the watershed presumably due to scenes of prison violence, religious irreverence, and the scene of Sideshow Bob being taken out of a washing machine and put in a dryer (UK censorship forbids any scenes containing dangerous stunts that can easily be imitated, such as fight moves, suicide techniques, and scenes of characters playing around with appliances that can kill or injure them if misused). The other episode from the same season O Brother, Where Bart Thou? due to strong sex themes and the scene of Nelson mistaking birth control pills for Tic-Tacs.

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