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Amish Country is a holiday destination.


Marge mentioned the family's trip to Sandy Beach while recounting times when she had been embarrassed on family vacations. In Amish Country, Homer stuck ice cream cones on everyone and everything around him, then shouts, "I can be a jerk and no one can stop me!" because no one got angry there. However, when he stuck an ice cream cone on a donkey, it kicked him aside. Marge was embarrassed by Homer's boorish behavior here, but then said that the family's trip to Sandy Beach was even worse.

The family (except for Lisa) later went to Amish Country in "Lisa with an "S"", where they met Ned's cousin, Jacob Flanders.

Behind the Laughter

  • Homer's behavior in Amish Country exploits the Amish philosophy of nonresistance.
  • The scene of the Simpson family in Amish Country is very similar to a scene from the 1985 movie "Witness", where Alexander Godunov's Amish character is harassed by out-of-town visitors. However, unlike the Simpsons visiting Amish Country, in the movie, Harrison Ford's character (who is not Amish, but in hiding among them) then comes to the rescue and strikes back at the tormentors.