Anastasia is a white tiger who performs with Gunter and Ernst.


Anastasia grew up in the wild, but was captured by Gunter and Ernst. Anastasia was sleeping peacefully when Gunter and Ernst drove up to her in their jeep, woke her up, and then shot her with a tranquilizer dart. Years later, when Anastasia was riding a unicycle during a performance at the Monty Burns Casino, the memory of her capture prompted her to attack Gunter and Ernst, badly mauling them.

Maggie Simpson wandered away from Marge, who was distracted with gambling at the Monty Burns Casino, and crawled up to Anastasia, and tugged playfully at her whiskers. Anastasia was about to attack Maggie, but Barney Gumble was fortunately passing by and rescued Maggie in the nick of time.


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