Anatasia Alekova is a scam artist from Columbus Ohio.


When Moe turned Bart's prank call back onto him, Bart, Nelson and Milhouse decided to get revenge on Moe and ordered him a bride from Russia. This turned out to be Anastasia Alekova, who Moe started to fall for immediately. However, Moe was reluctant to get close to her due to his previous heartbreaks. Moe decided to let her stay for a while rather than sending her back to Russia immediately.

One day, Anastasia cleaned up the bar which drew the attention of a lot of wealthy people who came to Moe's to drink. After the bar closed that night, Moe told her that he didn't want to get his heart broken again. He then told her to leave, which she did. After she left, she went to work at the Russian Tea House in Ogdenville, where she begun a relationship with Krusty the Clown. Moe went to Ogdenville to win her back and convinced her to break up with Krusty and get married to him.

At the wedding ceremony, Bart brought the wedding contract to be signed. However, due to his dealings with the dark web, he, Nelson and Milhouse had started to learn Russian. Between them, they realized that the contract would sign over all Moe's belongings to Anastasia. Anastasia wanted to go through with the wedding but Moe stopped it, not wanting to risk another heartbreak. The wedding minister then revealed that he wasn't from Russia and Anastasia revealed she was from Columbus, Ohio, not from Russia.

After finding out that Moe was in debt, she didn't want to go through with the wedding any more. She then put on a Scottish accent which attracted Willie. Thinking that Willie was rich, she decided to hook up with him instead, leading Willie to believe that she was a "loon who got stood up and can't get over it". The wedding attendants decide to not warn Willie as he had no money and not to warn Anastasia as she had a cold heart.


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