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Anastasia Alekova is a con artist from Columbus, Ohio who pretended to be Russian and almost married Moe Szyslak.


Anastasia is a mail-order bride who was ordered through the dark web by Bart, Milhouse and Nelson as a prank to Moe.

When Anastasia arrived to Moe's Tavern, she introduces herself to Moe as his new wife, much to his shock.

After calming down, Moe checks their marriage contract and denies having ordered by her, but allows her to stay, and soon Anastasia turns the tavern in a high class establishment, which earns Moe more money, and Anastasia tries to get close to Moe, who is in love but refuses to become romantically involved with her because of his previous heartbreaks and Anastasia fakes sympathy, insults him in Russian, decides to leave Moe and gets a job in Odgenville's Russian tea house, where she begins dating Krusty the Clown.

However, Moe soon tracks her and declares his love for Anastasia, who dumps Krusty and agrees to marry Moe.

At their wedding, as Anastasia and Moe are about to exchange their vows, Bart, Milhouse and Nelson interrupt the ceremony by revealing that their marriage contract is actually a legal document which gives Anastasia property of all of Moe's assets.

Exposed, Anastasia reveals that she's actually from Columbus and discovers that all Moe has to offer her is a lot of debts, and Moe angrily cancels the wedding and orders Anastasia to leave with a shotgun, and Anastasia proceeds to seduce Groundskeeper Willie by pretending to be Scottish, believing him to be rich.


  • There are several easy-to-miss signs in Anastasia's debut episode which hints at her true nature as a gold digger and con artist and that she didn't really love Moe:
    • Anastasia was contacted through the dark web, which is the most obvious clue that she was in illegal activities.
    • When Anastasia first arrives at Moe's Tavern, she asks about Moe, referring to him as a "succesful bussinessman"
    • Anastasia cleans up Moe's tavern and turns it into a high-class establishment, which shows that she likes luxury.
    • Anastasia insults Moe, calling him "Nightmare face" in russian and lies to him saying that she meant love and panics when Moe tells her he wants to learn russian.
    • After leaving Moe, Anastasia started dating Krusty the Clown, a celebrity, and heartlessly dumps him for Moe.