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If you're so sure what it ain't, how 'bout telling us what it am?
―Moe, to Lisa
Speaking from a strictly medical point of view…that ain't right.
―Dr. Hibbert

The Angel Fossil (aka the Springfield Angel)[1] was a supposed skeleton of an angel that was excavated by Lisa at Sabertooth Meadow, the soon-to-be site of a new mega mall.

The skeleton created a scandal in the town, and sparked age-old debates of science vs. religion.

As it turns out, the skeleton was a hoax to advertise the new mall, aptly named the Heavenly Hills.

Later, it is used as material to build the wall that separated Old Springfield and New Springfield.

Behind the laughter

  • A scene explaining the contents of the skeleton, which included plaster, among other things, was not used in the finalized episode.[2]
    • Said components are plaster, cement wings, and the bones of a former mall employee.

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