Angelica Button is a fantasy book and movie series which is very popular among both children and adults in Springfield. It was written by T. R. Francis. Lisa later learns that she just posed for the cover and the series is actually written by a tired team of underpaid authors.

Book titles

Ten titles of the books have been mentioned so far on the show:

Blocko games

Lisa angelica


A few characters have been mentioned so far on the show:

Behind the Laughter

  • The Angelica Button series parodies Harry Potter. The books were written by T. R. Francis, a parody of Harry Potter J. K. Rowling.
  • Titles of the books and the characters are parodies of Harry Potter books and characters, too.
  • Even though Angelica Button is a parody of Harry Potter, the Harry Potter series is also real within the universe of The Simpsons, as seen, for example, when the family meet J. K. Rowling in the episode "The Regina Monologues".
  • Angelica Button's house might be similar to Gryffindor because her symbol on her uniform is a lion, like the Gryffindor's logo.


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