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Anger Watkins is an enraged man in Springfield who's an analyst for ESBN and is always angry, mad, and furious, hence his first name.


Anger Watkins is always shown to be very angry, enraged, and mad at many occasions, whether they're bad or good.

He is first seen as an ESBN analyst, who says about the tightrope walker who sneezed that this situation is a disgusting mockery of a repulsive joke that would make him sick to his stomach if there was one good restaurant in Springfield, which there was not, and continues to angrily stammer until he says that there's nothing to vomit. Later, after Homer becomes coach for Bart's basketball team, Anger exclaims that Bart got a coach who would kiss his butt, like one cheek was Kobe and the other Kareem. He then irritatingly shouts that there is no "i" in "team", there's no "u" in "effort", there's no "x" in "dog", and that nobody knows what Oscar the Grouch's feet look like. At the basketball finals, Anger furiously shouts that there was another bucket by Bart after he shoot the ball into the hoop, and then shouts that his sloppy play is a distant memory like Nelson's father. Sometime after the finals when Bart quits basketball, Anger finally loses his rage by yelling that Bart, showboat and friend of the mob, gets off with not even a slap on the wrist, and that it's a travesty wrapped in outrage, marinated in a sauce of everything's gone to Hell.[1]

He recently appeared during Kent Brockman's report about Homer's court case determining that a dog's life is more valuable than a human's is. Kent asks Anger about his take on the case, and irritatingly exclaims that he's angrier than a beehive in a paint mixer, and that this is the craziest legal decision ever made outside of Arizona. He then madly asks what is next, including cats getting credit cards and letting a snail race in the Indy 500 (like that stupid movie Turbo according to him). But he angrily mentions that he tried to inhale nitrous oxide to get fast, but he ended up naked behind an appliance store, and finally loses it by shouting that they're lies.[2]

Anger Watkins is a parody of Stephen A. Smith, who is currently co-host of ESPN's First Take and hosts The Stephen A. Smith Show on ESPN Radio. Smith is known for yelling and getting mad over things, as well as making controversial comments on TV and radio shows. Smith was suspended by ESPN in 2014 after making controversial comments regarding domestic violence following the incident where ex-NFL football player Ray Rice punched Janay Palmer, Rice's then-fianceé, in a casino elevator. Watkins' behavior mirrors Stephen A. Smith's behavior, and his physical appearance is also modeled after Smith.