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Angry Dad is a comic-based internet series created by Bart.


It is just Homer when he does something stupid or when he is angry, or as Bart puts it, "A little of my dad, your dad, bit of Maggie's dad." Bart originally made Angry Dad to be a comic book, until a man from a fictional website offered to make it into a cartoon series. When Homer tried to give up rage, Bart devised a plan to get him mad. Unfortunately, the website that cast Angry Dad went bankrupt, making the trap Bart set redundant. It is to be noted that the Angry Dad character seemed to have at least a bit more common sense than the man he originated from, Homer Simpson, as while angered at the headline of a newspaper (You Suck, Angry Dad), he accurately stated that that was an opinion and not news, something that Homer would not have deduced. Homer eventually allowed Bart to continue making episodes of it, although under the condition that it is semi-based on events in real life.

It was eventually made into a movie, of which it was nominated for a golden globe. Homer also was called in to voice the character, although he usually had to speak through a speaker phone, and didn't quite understand the script, once knocking himself out when Homer attempted to get Lenny to wound him in order to give him a way to emulate pained sounds for his character falling down the stairs. It was also retooled to be a short movie due to the attempts at making it a feature length film during test screenings resulting in people demanding that they end it the moment it started.[1]


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These are the episodes of "Angry Dad".



  • Bart once considered having John Goodman play the role of Angry Dad in the Angry Dad movie that he was planning, with Homer, in obvious rage, suggesting Gary Oldman.
  • Bart's idea for a Homer Humiliator had Homer pictured very similar to Angry Dad and holding a newspaper.
  • The new logo of Gut Check with Homer Simpson from "Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson" is Angry Dad.
  • Copies of Angry Dad can be seen in the Kwik-E Mart newspaper stands in the Simpsons world of LEGO Dimensions.

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