The Blue and the Gray
Angry Dad: The Movie
The Scorpion's Tale
Lady: Bart, we've got some bad news. The voice actor who did the voice of Angry Dad can't do the movie. He blew out his voice screaming, about how he never got payed, the first time around.
Bart: Oh man, what can we do?
Lady: Well, the show's based on your dad...maybe he can do the voice. Can he get angry on queue?
(Bart points to Homer, who gets 'offended' by the office walls)
Homer: Doo doo doo doo (gasp), doo doo Doo doo doo doo, DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO!
(Homer starts running around the office, kicking cubicles)
Homer: DOO, Ahhh!
Bart: Hey, Homer! Do you want to do the voice of Angry Dad?
Homer: It would be AN HONOR!

Ketchup: The Tabasco brothers got Frenchee. We're going have to leave the kitchen.
(Everyone gasps).
Waffle: I don't want wanna go, I don't wanna go. (hides) Wake me for the syrupy ending.
Ketchup: Timmy's coming. Assume your positions!
(Timmy used up the peanut butter.)
Peanut Butter: My god, I'm empty. Don't let 'em put pencils in me. Ah!
(falls down and smashes)

Willis: Not to worry, Miss Penny Farthing. Crumble will soon have your garden gnomes back in tiptop condishion.
(Crumble repairs and restores a gnome.)
Miss Penny Farthing: (laughs) He's good as new, you must come in for a spot of tea and homemade marmite sandwich.
Willis: (delighted) A homemade Marmite sandwich and made by a woman with such gentle hands. (goes in)
(As Crumble starts to enjoy his lunch, an Angry Bird begins operating the machine to turn him into a garden gnome.)
Wallace: Crumble, Crumble! Where has that silly dog got to? (Miss Farthing screams) Oh my.

Homer: That's it, boy! I'm eating your yogurt!
Marge: You ate his yogurt in the car.
Homer: He didn't know that.

Homer: Stupid boy. All you do is cost me money, money I could be wasting!

Bart: That's Angry Dad, the semi-autobiographical web cartoon I created.
Homer: I legally forced him to say "semi".

Homer: My little Roman Polanski.
Marge: Homer!
Homer: What? What's wrong with being Roman Polanski? (Marge whispers in his ear)
Homer: He what? You monster! (strangles Bart)

Lisa: Your film's not all bad. If you cut out the parts that don't work, it could make a great short film.
Bart: A short film?
Lisa: Many directors, like Wes Anderson, Frank Tashlin and Tim Burton, started out with short films.
Bart: Name one more.
Lisa: Taylor Hackford.
Bart: I don't know who that is, but I'm convinced!

Bart: This is insane! He didn't show up for work, he bad-mouthed the movie on Jimmy Fallon, and now he's hogging all the credit.
Marge: Don't worry, sweetie. It's the beginning of a ridiculously long series of awards shows. You'll have your chance to say crazy things.

Halle Berry: And the winner is... not going to be announced until we see a lengthy clip from each short.

Lisa: Good luck, Mr. Park. There's no shame in losing to you.
Nick Park: Good luck to you too, Lisa. You're too kind.
(They shake hands; Nick's fingers come off in Lisa's hand)
Lisa: Eew!
Nick Park: No worries. I just stick them back on. I'm more clay than man now.

Homer: Don't worry, son. Everyone makes mistakes. Yours is just public and expensive.

Russell Brand: It's nice to see all my friends from before I went to rehab. I'm just kidding, of course. None of you are my friends.

Bart: Angry Dad is nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short? I'm going to the Oscars! Not as a seat filler! I'm getting a gift basket! And I won't declare it!
Homer: Bart! It's the middle of Awards season. Who the hell is calling you at three in the morning?
Bart: Uh, no one. Wrong number.
Homer: If I find out it's the right number, you're in big trouble.

Marge: According to this live blog, Ben Stiller and Jack Black are doing a bit that will not end.

Homer: I was born a rolling 80's, I'll die a rolling 80's.

Red Carpet Interviewer: And Lisa, who are you wearing?
Lisa: I believe it's from Lamps Plus.

Homer: And I'd like to thank the women who's been inspiring me for the last 25 years... the cute one from The Bangles.

Herman Melwood: Don't thank me, thank Hollywood for being completely out of good ideas.

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