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Cultural references

  • Mixar is a parody of Pixar, which also features likenesses of John Lasseter and Randy Newman, parodies of Mr. Potato Head, Wall-E, and an appearance by Luxo Jr.
  • The song "You Got An Enemy" is a parody of the Randy Newman song "You Got A Friend In Me".

    Mr. Carrot Head is a parody character of Mr. Potato Head

  • This episode features many animated film parodies:
  • There are also animated film parodies in the form of posters:
  • Features Ricky Gervais' controversial hosting at the 68th Golden Globe Awards, with sign featuring a picture of him with a caption that says "Do Not Allow This Man To Host".

    Willice and Crumbles is a parody of Aardman's Wallace and Gromit.

  • Elton John and Lady Gaga can be seen at the Golden Globes awards, which they worked on the music on Gnomeo and Juliet together.
  • Lisa points out that Wes Anderson, Frank Tashlin, and Tim Burton all started their careers making short films. Wes Anderson made a short film called Bottle Rocket which would later be made into the film of the same name, Frank Tashlin used to be a director for Looney Tunes cartoons at Warner Bros., and Tim Burton made Vincent and Frankenweenie (which the latter was made into a film).
  • When Homer and Marge walk into the Oscars auditorium, you can faintly see BANKSY written on the wall.
  • At one point, a portion of the Jurassic Park theme song can be heard.
  • Elton John last appeared in "I'm with Cupid".
  • Reference to George C. Scott in Hardcore: "For God's Sake Turn it Off!!" (by Sbalan)
  • The scene where gangsters stop aside Homer to tell him about the Oscar is a possible reference to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The driver resembles CJ, the front passenger resembles Ryder and the back passenger resembles Big Smoke, the three main characters of the game.
  • Bart refers to SpongeBob SquarePants by saying "Going back to the real early SpongeBobs."
  • After Homer calls Bart his little "Roman Polanski", Marge is offended at this, but Homer doesn't know what is wrong with being Roman Polanski, so after Marge whispers something bad about him in Homer's ear, Homer shouts "He what? You monster!" and strangles Bart. This is a reference to the Roman Polanski sexual abuse case, in which Polanski was arrested and charged for drugging and raping a 13 year old girl in 1977. It is possible that Marge whispered to Homer about Polanski's sexual abuse case, which also may be why Homer strangled Bart for this matter.

References to Toy Story in Condiments

  • The ketchup bottle is a parody of Woody.
  • The horseradish bottle resembles a horse and is a parody of Bullseye.
  • The waffle is a parody of Rex the Dinosaur, as it doesn't want to go or get replaced by another dinosaur toy.
  • Timmy is a parody of Andy, the owner of the toys.
  • The salt and pepper shakers are both parodies of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.
  • References to Toy Story Characters:
    • The Peanut Butter jar resembles Hamm, because he has money, he has peanut butter, and he says "Oh God, I'm empty! Don't let them put pencils in me!".
    • The Tabasco Brothers resemble Zurg, Sid, Stinky Pete and Lotso.
    • Frenchee resembles Buzz Lightyear.
    • The Pickle Jar resembles Jessie.
    • The Mayonnaise Jar resembles Mr. Spell.
    • The Kitchen resembles Andy's bedroom.
  • At one point, one of the condiments falls down the counter while everyone looks down, mirroring how Woody accidentally knocked Buzz out of the window.


  • When Bart is being hung by the ventilator, the blades go through the rope.
  • There is no Golden Globe category for "Best Animated Short Film" or never was.
  • Bart attends the Children's Choice Awards, but the name is supposed to be Kids' Choice Awards.
  • The soda flavors change in Bart’s Angry Dad short.

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