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Annette is a woman who works at the Springfield Community College as a student therapist.


When Lisa keeps having a "locker"-based nightmare about school, Homer and Marge take her to the Springfield Community College to see Annette, who is not only a therapist in training, but was also pregnant with her son at the time. She interpreted Lisa's nightmare to mean that she was stressed at school, so she recommends art therapy in order to help her, giving her empty comic panels to fill in her sadness. Not long later, however, after Lisa finished her comic, Sad Girl (with some help from Marge), she goes back to Annette to show it off, but then finds out that it was missing.

Later, after Lisa and Marge had a falling out over the musical based on their comic, Lisa goes back to see Annette, who is now stressed because she just gave birth to her son (who is in a cradle that Annette is rocking). Not only that, but Annette is also sleep deprived and snappy, which Steven, who is behind the two-way mirror, chastised her about. Stressed out even more, Annette snaps back and tells him that it was his fault that she had a child, much to Steven's fear. Seeing how crazy Annette has become, Lisa slowly leaves the room, leaving Annette crying and her son speechless.