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Annette Taylor is the Squishee supplier with whom Apu had an affair.


Homer bought a keg of beer for a Civil War reenactment from the Kwik-E-Mart. When he tried to return the empty, dented keg for his deposit refund, he found Apu having an affair with the Squishee supplier he had seen earlier, traumatizing him.

Annette later appeared in a dream of Homer's (due to the trauma induced from witnessing the affair) where she was a harem woman of Apu's, and Homer was a eunuch. Manjula was shown the surveillance footage of the affair and kicked Apu out of their apartment.

To win back Manjula, Apu broke up with Annette. Annette and the Squishees were replaced by a teamster that delivered Smooshies to the Kwik-E-Mart.[1]

She is later seen holding hands with Allison Taylor at the Easter celebration, which means she is likely Allison's mother.[2]





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