I can torture you. I can give you incredible sex, or you can just tell me what I want to know.
―Directed to Homer

Crawford kissing an unconscious Homer.

Annie Crawford is an FBI Agent. She is a mentally disturbed woman who constantly sees hallucinations. She is suffering from bipolar disorder, and takes excessive amounts of Lunatrix and is extremely paranoid. She may also be a nymphomaniac due to her strong sexual advances on Homer.[1]


Crawford was the agent who foiled Homer's plans to release 'spoiled milk and utility chicken' into the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant's air-conditioning (although the air-conditioning wasn't functioning anyway). She and another FBI Agent shut down the nuclear power plant and arrested Mr. Burns due to his illegal operations of the facility.[1]

Physical appearance

Annie is a beautiful woman of average height, she wears a mostly gray jacket with a small amount of pink on it. She also has medium sized blonde hair, black colored eyes, and has very noticeable cheekbones.


Homer Simpson: In the episode Annie has appeared in, Homer calls Annie beautiful, and its implied later on that Annie has feelings for Homer, but she doesn't tell Homer about it. While this is debatable, it could be argued that Annie is a love interest for Homer, since he did consider her attractive and she has feelings for him but she didn't tell Homer about it.




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