Annie Dubinsky was a veteran agent in the episode "The Ten-Per-Cent Solution".

She was voiced by the late actress Joan Rivers.

She died in September 4th 2014 due to Cardiac Arrest, Surgery, Brain Damage and lack of Oxygen.


In the mid 1960s, she was an agent looking for some new talent, or a fourth husband, when she came across Krusty, who back then was performing at jazz clubs, but neither the less, was still funny. She saw potential in him, and after his show went to talk to him at a nearby restaurant.

She talked about how she could mold him into a star, but he needed a new look and then told him to change his comedy style, which was considered the "cheap" kind.


When she was scouting clients, she discovered Krusty after each show and helped his career. She moved on and worked for other stars, claiming she would work for only 10%.

She managed to get him a show at the Springfield Playhouse, where he performed his show for adults. He was, at first nervous but she gave him courage to perform. After his show was a success, they made out in the coat room. She congratulated Krusty and managed to get him a new premium subscriber network. From there she showed a different side of herself the real Annie who is a very demanding one. Due to this, the network asked Krusty to fire her.


She is very Brashy, Mean, Cruel, Whiny, and Rude To Krusty and Mr. Teeny. Her trust is described as being like the flame on a flickering candle, once it blows out, it's gone for good. She can be very nice and she wants to, giving encouraging advice and can get you a minor role on a well known show.

When it came to show biz, she showed a different side of her, a one that is very demanding and won't stop till she gets what she wants. She got angry when the set wouldn't paint something right, had a fit when a monkey by accident upstaged Krusty so rudely, and the worst one of all was when he broke the legs of an intern by driving a golf ball cart at him just because she claimed he sharpened her pencil "to sharp" like crazy. They planned on firing her and they went to a different TV station.

She is described as having white/blonde like hair, wearing white earrings, and a necklace. Her outfit consisted of a sky blue jacket over a light blue dress, and black shoes. She also wore a dark blue purse with a brown bracelet.


According to her, she has had three husbands.


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