Annika Van Houten is a character who debuted in the Season 26 episode, "Let's Go Fly a Coot".


She is one of Milhouse's cousins from the Netherlands. In her debut episode, she smokes e-cigarettes and sparked a "romantic" interest in Bart.


Annika has long blue hair and blue eyebrows. She wears a pink shirt, a purple jumper over her shirt, gray leggings, and fuchsia and white colored sneakers. She also wears several earrings and a necklace with a pink pearl. Her hair and eyebrows look very similar to Milhouse's.



  • Unlike many members of Milhouse's family, Annika does not wear glasses.
  • Milhouse seems to hold some sort of attraction to her, although she is his cousin.
  • He claims that his parents are cousins themselves and it worked out great for them.



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