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Anoop Nahasapeemapetilon (briefly renamed Superman Nahasapeemapetilon) is one of the Nahasapeemapetilon Octuplets. He is the son of Apu and Manjula.


He, along with the rest of the octuplets are a result of fertility drugs taken by Manjula, after she and Apu decided that they wanted a baby. However, Apu and Manjula swiftly find they are not up to the task of raising eight kids all at once. After talking with Larry Kidkill, the octuplets are put in a nursery at the Springfield City Zoo, where they are put on display in a show named "Octopia", several times a day. After Apu and Manjula are displeased by this, he and Homer decide to break the children out of the zoo.

During Maggie Simpson's birthday party, Anoop is seen playing with Maggie in the sandbox, before Moe Szyslak snatches her away.[1]

Individual Activity

While the octuplets are usually shown as a group, each of them can occasionally be seen involved in doing things apart from the rest of the octuplets. Some of Anoop's activities consist of:

  • BABF03: Wrestling with Pria, being played with by Apu who makes funny faces, starring as Animal in "Octopia", and cooing when Apu picks him up break him out of the zoo.
  • DABF14: Playing with a roll of toilet paper at the Kwik-E-Mart and hissing at Apu when Manjula kicks him out.
  • EABF17: Giving a toy shovel to Maggie.
  • FABF09: Fighting with Pria.
  • FABF17: Being strangled with a licorice stick by Poonam
  • GABF12: Giving Bart a hard time while he is working (in the future).


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In Future-Drama, Anoop is shown to be very bossy towards Bart Simpson, who works at the Kwik-E-Mart. After Bart mistakes him for Gheet, he calls him a "racist cracker" and kicks him in the head. He, along with Gheet, Uma, and Sandeep are seen wearing jet-packs.




  • Anoop's first word was "daddy".[2]
  • When Anoop was a star in the show, "Octopia" at the Springfield City Zoo, he was known as "Animal", who wore a leather jacket with a tiny guitar.[3]
  • When Springfield changes its name to "Libertyville" to be patriotic after it is claimed that they hate America, Apu briefly changes Anoop's name to Superman McGillicutty.[4]
  • It appears that Apu favors Anoop, as he is seen in his arms more than any other octuplet on several occasions.


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