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Antarctica is a continent in the Southern Hemisphere, at the bottom of the earth.


The continent is first seen while Bart attempts to prove Lisa's clockwise theory wrong. He does this by calling the South Pole Research Station. [1] A team of researchers appears to be the only known human residents. One of the men check the toliet but finds it to be frozen much to the dismay of the another man, who was going to "answer the call of nature," meaning use the restroom with a "Swimsuit" magazine.

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In Holidays of Future Passed, due to climate change, the region was featured in a Simpson Christmas card, as a desert.

In A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again, the family is left stranded in Antarctica after the "virus" they were warned about on the mainland turned out to be a scene from a science fiction movie that Bart played in an attempt to keep the week-long cruise going (and having it fall into chaos as a result).