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Anton Luvchenko was a football player for Springfield University.


He was at the homecoming for Springfield University, the college that Homer and Marge attended. Despite Dean Peterson mentioning that he was an "All-American" football player, Luvchenko implies in his greeting that he was not native to the United States before being cut off by Peterson. Later, Homer injured him with a float that he made and his leg was damaged. Bart, who was supposedly a faith healer, 'healed' him and he scored the winning shot for Springfield U. His shot was not going to make it but then his leg came off and hit the ball through the bars of the goal. His leg was carried off, celebrated as a hero, while Luvchenko was taken in an ambulance. It's unknown what became of him afterwards, although Hibbert implies that he'll sew it back up the next day after being cleaned out. Apparently he'd been enrolled in the college solely to play football. Dr. Hibbert tried to calm him down when his leg was injured by saying he could fall back on his major, only to find out to his horror that it was for communications.