Archie Comics is a comic book series.


After Bart and Lisa was at Pay & Park & Pay with Homer to meet with an unidentified informant in the know of how Sideshow Bob really won the mayoral election, Lisa told Bart that they are just like Woodward and Bernstein. Bart said that it was true, except their dad wasn't waiting in the car reading Archie Comics. Homer was reading an issue of the magazine where he muttered angrily "Stuck-up Riverdale punks" as they think they're too good for him (referring to an undisclosed incident where Homer after visiting the aforementioned town somehow managed to offend Archie, Jughead, Reggie, and Moose, and presumably the entire community to such an extent that the four had to personally drive Homer back to his house and throw him back onto his lawn just after Bart was thrown back on the same lawn by Sideshow Bob and his political entourage as well as demand that Homer stay out of the community from that point onward).[1]


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Comic Book Guy was visiting a fair and was tired so he wanted to rest. He visited a fortune teller who foretells the future for $10. He fell asleep with a copy of Archie over his face.[2]

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