Army Tanks are heavy, weapon-equipped vehicles that are used by the United States military during wars, and they have appeared in several Simpsons episodes.


Mr. Burns managed to commandeer a tank while running for Governor[1], and later when personally arriving at the Simpson residence with various members of the FBI to apprehend Mona Simpson for her part in a raid at a germ facility Burns had owned. However, the tune Burns played in the tank while arriving was supposed to be dramatic (specifically, "Ride of the Valkyries"), but the song "Waterloo" by ABBA was taped over the dramatic tune by Smithers by accident, and therefore is the tune the Simpson family heard when the FBI arrived alongside the tank.[2]

An unnamed operative of the Air Force later attempted to use a tank when apprehending Sideshow Bob, but the fact that the Air Force normally does not use tanks also ended on a sour note when they also destroyed the Wright Brothers plane in the process.[3]

Bart later hijacked a tank while under the influence of Focusyn with the intention of destruction in Springfield and shooting down a MLB satellite.[4]

When Seymour Skinner reenlisted in the army, a group of immature privates stole a tank, with one of them mooning Skinner from it.[5]

Although not used by the army itself, a tank did briefly appear in the end credits for "Homer Goes to College" during a football game, commanded by Benjamin, Doug and Gary.

Later, the Army Colonel brought along four tanks with the army when Homer and his unit escape into Springfield after he was assigned to OPFOR during the army's war games.[6]

This army tank is based on the M1 Abrams MBT.



  • It has been noted that the Canyonero is apparently wider and heavier than a Panzer, which is one of the largest tanks in history.


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