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Ned Flanders hosts a show on public-access cable in which he takes viewers on a "peaceful" drive through Springfield.

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With Todd holding the video camera, Ned and Rod get into the car to begin taping for their first episode. As they pass by Moe's Tavern, they find a drunk Barney lying out on the street and Ned helps him into the car out of his usual charity. Passing by the Kwik-E-Mart, they run afoul of a robbery and Snake orders Ned to keep driving as Apu and Chief Wiggum pursue them. Unable to stay in control due to all the passengers and chaos, Ned ends up crashing the car.

The video footage of Ned's drive later appears on a police show as the narrator explains the fates of the involved parties. Snake is arrested but immediately escapes to Mexico, and Apu retrieves his less-than-twenty-dollars of stolen money (though a display of frozen yogurt was stolen in his absence). Chief Wiggum is set to appear in a new show on FOX, "When Good Snacks Go Bad". Rod is admitted into and later released from the hospital, as he got the camera lens jammed in his eye during the crash. Finally, Ned himself is given an award for his exciting TV documentary, but he refuses it as he cannot accept graven idols.


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