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Cultural references


  • The other contestants fight each other (except on DS).
  • There's no time limit in the DS version.
  • In Scotland, you can destroy fake sheep to get food for Homer.
  • On the Great Wall of China, there is a giant box of rice which only Bart can get to and kick so Homer eats it.
  • According to Willie, he was competing to honor his dead mother, who passed away in a Haggis eating contest.
  • The championship belt is named for Red Barclay, the trucker from the episode "Maximum Homerdrive".
  • Little Known Fact: Homer claims at the beginning that in the previous year's eating contest he was the first contestant to barf--in the first level's newspaper of The Simpsons: Hit and Run, it says that Homer was disqualified for vomiting.
  • This level is the first level to introduce the insanity pepper. (Homer's invincibility power-up)


  • Stonehenge is shown in Scotland--in reality, it's in England (specifically in Wiltshire).
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