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This article is about the character. For the guest star, see Art Spiegelman.

Art Spiegelman is an American comic book writer famous for creating Maus.


When Coolsville Comics & Toys becomes popular, Art Spiegelman, along with Alan Moore and Daniel Clowes, come to the store for a comic book signing. Comic Book Guy jealously tries to sabotage Milo's popularity by pointing out his girlfriend and bribing the children with "Japanese weapons". When these plots do not work, Comic Book Guy tries to use the weapons to destroy Coolsville, but is subdued by Art and the other authors, who remove their shirts to reveal muscular superhero physiques. Art also wears a mask of a mouse, in the style of the Jewish mice from his acclaimed comic, Maus.

During the autograph session at Coolsville, Alan Moore becomes angry because Milhouse asks him to sign a copy of Watchmen Babies in V for Vacation. Art tells Alan to calm down, so Alan starts reading Little Lulu comic.



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