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Arthur Crandall was a short-lived, though enormously successful, kids entertainer/ventriloquist in Springfield.


Arthur Crandall was the ventriloquist behind Gabbo. He was the one who used him in the shows. It was thanks to his and Gabbo's enormous popularity that got Krusty canceled. After Gabbo is found out to use foul language and Krusty comes back in a comeback special, Arthur and Gabbo go downhill and are soon forgotten.

Because of this, he and Gabbo ended up touring to various locations to entertain, including at least one casino.[1]

Arthur Crandall and Gabbo were inside the dome during Trappuccino.

Arthur with Gabbo


  • It is possible that "Gabbo's" remarks about the children of Springfield being SOBs were actually Arthur Crandall's own, and that he has Dissociative Personality Disorder, expressing one personality through an inanimate object (in this case, Gabbo). This is evidenced by his later appearance in "Bart to the Future", where Gabbo, when not used by Arthur Crandall, was simply a ventriloquist dummy.