Elementary School Musical -00075

Artists is a song performed by Kurt HardwickEthan BallantyneLisa Simpson, and Stephen Hawking. It appeared in the episode Elementary School Musical when it was sung while in Expressions camp.


Ethan Ballantyne: Artists are the people who hold up a mirror;

Kurt Hardwick: Artists make society see it's face clearer. (People laugh)

Ethan Ballantyne and Kurt Hardwick: Artists help stamp out oppression and war;

And when we camp outdoors, we make the best s'mores.

Three layers, mother nature;

Mmm, mmm, yeah, yeah.

Artists end poverty with music and dance;

Artists make art on the beaches of France.

Lisa Simpson: I never knew artists were all so amazing;

Ethan Ballantyne: Excuse me while I talk to this cow that's gazing.

I give art, like you give milk.

Ethan Ballantyne and Kurt Hardwick: Everyone listens when artists are talking;

Because artists are smarter than Mr. Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking: Oh, yeah. Break it down for me, fellas.

(break beat)

Stephen Hawking: A brief history of rhyme.

Lisa Simpson: Do you think that I could be an artist in the city?

Kurt Hardwick: Hold on, Lisa, let me check with the committee.

So, what do you guys think?

Stephen Hawking: Yes.

Ethan Ballantyne: I agree.

Ethan Ballantyne and Kurt Harkwick: Yes, Lisa, you can be an artist in the world;

But move to the city when you're less itty-bitty girl.

To the gritty city when you're less itty-bitty girl;

The city's pretty gritty for an itty-bitty pretty girl.

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