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Ashley is a third grade student at Springfield Elementary School.


When Bart and Lisa were temporarily in the third grade, the class went on a field trip to Capital City. When they arrived, their teacher, Ms. McConnell, told everyone to get together with a travel partner.

Lisa said that she wanted to be partnered with Ashley, while Bart wanted to be partnered up with Kyle.

However, Ms. McConnell didn't allow that, because they called out their classmates name in public, which is a breach of security. Bart and Lisa ended up partnered with each other instead.

Ashley partnered up with Kyle for the class trip. She was later seen at the school election, where Nelson and Lisa were running against each other for student body president.

She was likely one of the many students that voted for Lisa, due to Lisa's singing winning the votes of every student in the auditorium.


Ashley was first seen wearing an orange dress, with a cream colored collar and pockets. In "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade", she wore an all green dress.

She also wears long green socks, green shoes, and circle shaped glasses. Her clothes and hair color change numerous times, due to the fact she's not utilized regularly in the show.


  • In most of her appearances she doesn't wear her glasses a lot or at all.
  • She shares the same name with another student