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Ashley Grant is a graduate student and feminist. She also works as a babysitter, presumably to help pay for graduate school or as a stipend to offset costs of being a student.


Ashley babysat Bart, Lisa, and Maggie while Homer and Marge attended the Springfield Candy Convention. When Homer drove Ashley home and she got out of the car, he noticed his misplaced Gummi Venus de Milo stuck to the seat of her pants and picked it off. Ashley misinterpreted this as sexual harassment and ran off screaming, and she returned to the Simpson house the next morning with sign-carrying protesters denouncing Homer's behavior. This caused problems for Homer until Groundskeeper Willie showed everyone a video which proved that Homer did not touch Ashley but was only retrieving the Gummi Venus. Shown this proof, Ashley dropped her harassment accusation against Homer, and admitted that she had been wrong about him. She said that although she originally considered Homer to be boorish, she had to believe Lisa's insistence that Homer was a decent man - though declined to apologize to Homer.

Ashley got along well with Lisa and Maggie, as Lisa admired her for her feminist stance. Bart, on the other hand, loathed her, as he was hoping that their babysitter would be a scary-looking hobo instead of her and called her a maniac due to her stance, but she demonstrated that she knew how to manipulate men and boys when she used a violent video game to persuade Bart to do housework and to make him walk into a wall.