The Daughter Also Rises
At Long Last Leave
Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart
Mayor Quimby: I know we are all happy! I'm just trying to spare their feelings!
Cookie Kwan: Those freaks have no feelings! (points at Maggie) Even baby never cries! (Maggie looks at the crowd and makes a throat slash gesture while some background people go "She's a freak!") What baby does that?
Carl: Yes You Do!

Homer: Let her {Maggie} slice off the tip of your ear and she'll go right to sleep.
Carl: No.
Homer: That's not a choice you get to make.

Homer: If you banish us you will get a 1000 year drought (Raining Storm) I mean a 1000 year flood (Rain stops rainbow comes out) I mean 1000 years of perfect weather.

Mayor Quimby: Maybe he's {Homer} right. We are jerks.
Chief Wiggum: You want I should spray some of my Jerk-Off on you? (Holds up a spray-can labeled 'Jerk Off")
Mayor Quimby: Eh, it's OK.

Homer: (disguised as Mr. Burns) Excellent.
Chief Wiggum: It wouldn't be you if you didn't say excellent.

Bart: How you doin', Mr. Assange?
Julian Assange: That's my personal information, and you have no right to know about it.

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