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Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia, USA, the most-populated city in Georgia, and the county seat of Fulton County, Georgia.


Homer and Bart drove a truck of artichokes and migrant workers to Atlanta after the truck's original driver, Red Barclay, had died from beef poisoning at The Slaughterhouse. They came to Atlanta on time and with the delivery intact.[1]

Bart once took a plane to Atlanta, but because he unfastened his seatbelt before he was supposed to do so, the plane was forced to go back to Minneapolis.[2]

Atlanta has also been mentioned in several episodes. Some of these mentions are in regard to the city's professional sports teams, with the Atlanta Braves MLB team mentioned in "Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment" and the Atlanta Falcons NFL team mentioned in "Lisa the Greek" and "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday".

Other Atlanta mentions include Bart questioning whenever the film "The Big Chill" was actually filmed in Atlanta ("Grade School Confidential"), the Simpsons had two bus transfers in Atlanta to get to New York City ("The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson"), Kent Brockman mentions the Atlanta "Whatzit" Olympic mascot in the Springfield Olympic Mascot competition ("The Old Man and the "C" Student"), the Simpsons taking Madonna from London to Atlanta in exchange for Homer to be pardoned by Queen Elizabeth II ("The Regina Monologues"), and the mention of Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta ("Million-Dollar Abie").