Attacking Couches couch gag
Rigellian Zoo

The Attacking Couches couch gag is the fourth couch gag of Season 17.


The Simpson family runs in to sit on the couch, but it turns into a monster and chases them, even Santa's Little Helper, out of the house. Eventually, everyone's couches come to life and start attacking and swallowing the people sitting on them.

First, Hans Moleman is about to get eaten by his pink couch and Alice Glick stabs it with her knife while Abraham Simpson II's rocking chair tries to attack him. Then, Sherri and Terri get eaten by their beanbag chair while watching TV. Next, Eddie and Lou are scarily hugging each other inside the police car while a destroyed pink, green, and yellow couch are attacking the police car.

Then, Professor Frink is attacked by his futuristic flying couch with lasers. Finally, Moe is attacked by the booths and stools in his bar, so he drinks a full bottle of whiskey, cocks his shotgun, and begins to shoot his booths and stools, which he does quite well at. He also kicks one of the stools and hits another one with his shotgun like a baseball bat.

Eventually, Homer takes shelter in a store called "Couch World", where he sits on a purple couch while relieved. Unfortunately, he gets piled on top by dozens of couches.

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