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(Agreeing with Bart, who suggested waiting for shine) Definitely shine.
―Audrey McConnell's Student 1[src]

Audrey McConnell's Student 1 is an unnamed student at Springfield Elementary School.


His most significant role was during the episode "Moms I'd Like to Forget", where he was part of the group of fifth graders that engaged in a rivalry with the fourth graders.

He and the other fifth graders have since made amends with the fourth graders. In the same episode, he was heard speaking, as he agreed with Bart and the other boys to wait for the rain to stop.


Being a background character, his appearance isn't finalized yet. In past episodes prior to Season 22, he wore a light green collared shirt, light blue shorts, white ankle high socks, and blue shoes.

His recent appearances he wears a brown collared shirt, light green shorts, and brown shoes. He has either black or brown hair.

It is not known what his age is, but since he's been seen in a fourth and fifth grade class, he's likely either ten or eleven years old.


  • This character bares a strong resemblance to Q-Bert Spuckler.
  • He was seen in Mrs. McConnell's fourth grade class in "The Good, the Sad and the Drugly", but in "Moms I'd Like to Forget", he appeared in Mike's fifth grade class.
  • In the episode "To Cur, with Love", even though he wasn't born at the time he was one of several kids seen in the flashback. This is likely a goof.
    • This character seems to be popular when it comes to flashbacks.



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