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(Responding to Lewis, who asked to sit with him) Whatever!
―Audrey McConnell's Student 2[src]

Audrey McConnell's Student 2 is an unnamed boy, who attends Springfield Elementary School.


In his first appearance, he was one of several boys that appeared in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. He was one of the boys that lifted Mr. Smith, who was played by Mel Gibson.

In the episode "Stealing First Base", Lewis sat next to him after Skinner announced he was merging Mrs. Krabappal's class with Mrs. McConnell's class.

At first he didn't seem to care that Lewis sat with him in class. By the end of the episode, he became friends with Lewis as the two high fived each other in the hallway.

He appears to get along with other students, but can be annoyed with new kids like he was with Lewis at first. He is shown to have a father as seen in Dangers on a Train. He was seen sitting with his father.

Behind the Laughter

He often appears in the background of the episode. He first appeared in Audrey McConnell's fourth grade class in the episode "The Good, the Sad and the Drugly".

In the episode, he and his classmates were seated in their class, before the seats and desks subsequently collapsed into pieces after Bart and Milhouse unscrewed everything in the school.

He played a more significant role in the episode "Moms I'd Like to Forget", where he was part of the group of fifth graders that had a rivalry with the fourth graders. The rivalry he and his friends had with the fourth graders have since ended.


Since he's not utilized regularly, his appearance sometimes changes in episodes. He usually wears an orange shirt with long sleeves, long gray pants, and brown shoes.

A few times he wore a violet colored shirt with rolled up sleeves. In some episodes he's seen wearing a light green shirt with rolled up sleeves and long blue pants.

He has light brown hair with bangs, but in some episodes has dark brown hair. He is also seen with pale skin or tanned skin. In his first appearance, he was seen with yellow skin.


  • He was seen in a flashback during the episode "To Cur, with Love", which is impossible, since he wasn't born yet. This is likely a goof.
  • He's one of the few characters that has a bleached skin complexion or a dark tan skin complexion.
  • It strange that he's a fifth grader in "Moms I'd Like to Forget", when he was a fourth grader in previous episodes like "Stealing First Base".
  • In "The Good, the Sad and the Drugly, his appearance is different and has drastically changed since that episode.
  • He was seen in Elizabeth Hoover's second grade class in "Black-eyed Please".
  • When he spoke in "Diggs", he spoke with a lisp. He's one of the few characters known to speak with a lisp.
  • It's possible that he is/was an actor. [1]




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