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(Speaking to Bart) It's a Japanese card game based on a cartoon based on an ancient religion based on a candy bar.
―Audrey McConnell's Student 4[src]

Audrey McConnell's Student 4 is an unnamed student at Springfield Elementary School.


He was one of several kids that appeared at Dylan's birthday party in "Chief Of Hearts". It's likely he knows Dylan or at least met Dylan at some point in the past.

He was also one of several kids that were having a rivalry with the fourth graders in "Moms I'd Like to Forget". He also appeared at the brawl that was going to take place at the playground.

The brawl never happened, due to Bart discovering one of the fifth graders shared a similar scar with himself. The rivalry with the fourth graders and fifth graders subsequently ended.


He is one of several kids that are in Mrs. McConnell's fourth grade class. He's usually appears in the background of an episode, often on the playground or at lunch.

There has been a few cases where he's been seen outside of the school. He appears to get along with the other children at school. He also told Bart the origin of Bakugan in Chief of Hearts, which would lead to Bart's interest in the game.


This character usually has two different appearances. He wears a green and purple striped collar shirt, long brown pants, and red and white sneakers.

In some episodes, he is seen wearing a purple and orange collared shirt, long gray pants, and purple and white sneakers. He is seen with either black or brown hair, usually depending on what his appearance in the episode. His first appearance was slightly different.


  • In Moms I'd Like to Forget, he was used as a fifth grader, when in fact he's been seen in a fourth grade class, twice.
  • This character has appeared in a few flashbacks in some episodes with other kids.


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