The Ovenfresh Bakeoff was a bakeoff competition to find the next face of Auntie Ovenfresh.


Marge entered her desert dogs into the competition. She met a chef called Stuart at the bakeoff, who then mocked Marge for her choice in recipe and managed to get others to mock her too, including Luigi Risotto. All through the competition, the other contestants tried to ruin Marge's recipe and ultimately succeeded after Stuart tipped fire over her dessert dogs. Marge had twenty minutes to make them better but didn't do that well and only just managed to get her entry in on time, in bad shape.

While in the room with the entries, Marge decided to get revenge on those who treated her badly throughout the competition and put Maggie's ear medicine in the other entries. Lisa saw this and lost faith in Marge as a result. It turned out that Marge had contaminated all entries, except from one, Brandine's entry, because Marge thought that her "Armadillo a la Road" was garbage. Marge and Brandine entered the final together, where Brandine made a seasonal hog, which was still alive. Marge decided to admit to cheating and gave up on the competition.


Name Entry Position
Marge Simpson Dessert Dogs Runner up (disqualified)
Brandine Spuckler Armadillo a la Road* Winner
Seasonal Hog*
Stuart Round one
Luigi Risotto Round one
Horatio McCallister Pizza of the Sea Round one
Agnes Skinner Round one
Hans Moleman Round one
Ruth Powers Round one
Jasper Beardly Round one
Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon Round one
Waylon Smithers, Jr. Round one
Groundskeeper Willie Round one
Ralph Wiggum Grilled Crayon Sandwich Did Not Qualify

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