B.F. Sherwood is a family therapist who apparently doesn't likes kids, and lacks of professionalism. He freaks out when Bart returns the mints from his mouth. He is later replaced by Marvin Monroe.[1]

In Bart's dream and once again tried to help the Simpson family. This time, he told Homer that he should open the coffin to see what was in it. He opened it and the room was flooded with fish soon after.[2]


B. F. Sherwood's first appearance

Behind the Laughter

B.F. Sherwood has the longest gap between his first and second appearance of any other recurring character. His second appearance in "How I Wet Your Mother" was 3 shorts and 502 episodes after his first appearance in "Family Therapy." He shares his initials with behaviourist and social philosopher B. F. Skinner, where Principal Skinner got his name from.



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