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The BRA is an all-boys feminist group founded by Milhouse Van Houten and Nelson Muntz. The group is first seen in Season 30's episode Bart vs. Itchy and Scratchy.


After Bart makes a pledge to boycott watching the girls version of Itchy and Scratchy, Lisa hears him laughing at the show in her room. Bart then lies to his friends that he didn't watch it. So Lisa secretly publishes her reaction video that features Bart laughing on the Internet. The next day at school, the boys find out and are angry at Bart for lying and watching the girls show. They chase after him and berate him for his betrayal. Bart then hides in the girls' bathroom and then befriends a trio of punk girls. After an incident in the boys' bathroom, Milhouse and Nelson form the BRA(Boys' Rights Association), which is for boys only. The group sets up meetings at the Van Houtens during the night.

One night, the BRA is the audience during a Krusty show and girls come tell them that they'll destroy all the Itchy and Scratchy stuff forever by dumping them in a pool of magenta nail polish remover. Bart and Lisa try to stop the girls. When one of the girls cuts the rope that holds all the Itchy and Scratchy stuff and Krusty fights with his man Howard, Lisa kicks the pool away which saves the Itchy and Scratchy tapes. But the pool dumps over and nail polish remover comes out, which causes the entire BRA to cry in pain when the fumes of the remover burn everyone's eyes. As everyone's eyes are burning with glitter, Milhouse watches all his men being ambushed by glitter, including Kearney and Richard. When Milhouse puts his glasses back on, he's betrayed by his own men and thrown into a cart by Nelson, Jimbo and Kearney.

At the end credits, the BRA has another meeting at the Van Houtens. It is also revealed that Milhouse is back in the group.


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