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Treehouse of Horror XXIX
Baby You Can't Drive My Car
From Russia Without Love

"Baby You Can't Drive My Car" is the fifth episode of Season 30.


A self-driving car company comes to Springfield, poaching all of the power plant employees with their fun work environment.

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Homer goes through the Krusty Burger drive-thru on his way to the Nuclear Plant. He eats some chicken nuggets while driving, which distracts Homer. He nearly runs into Hans Moleman's AMC Gremlin, causing Moleman to flip over while avoiding Homer; Squeaky-voiced Teen and a band are almost run over before the car goes upside-down and crashing into Mr. Burns's office, destroying Burns's Fabergé chicken. Homer is fired as a result.

Homer gets a job at CarGo, a self-driving car company. Antoine and Zoira give Homer a job as a tester of the self-driving cars. He likes the new job as he gets paid for sitting around doing nothing, and free food at the cafeteria made him like the job even more. Homer shows Marge his new work environment and the two of them inspire the company's programmers to have fun. As a result, the employees become more creative, Homer is promoted and Marge is hired as his partner.

Many Nuclear Plant workers quit their jobs to get jobs at CarGo. After seeing why the Plant workers quit their jobs, Mr. Burns and Smithers go undercover and apply for jobs at CarGo, finding out firsthand about the enticing employee benefits and workplace experience.

Homer and Marge realize the cars were listening in on their conversations and the cars drove themselves to places they were talking about. Homer and Marge confront Antoine and Zoira about this, and they are told that sponsors pay CarGo to get the cars to go places. Homer, Mr. Burns, and Smithers meet up at Moe's to discuss a plan to take down the company, which involved breaking into the server room to shut down the cars. Marge tries to stop them because she enjoyed working at CarGo, but is unsuccessful. She then goes to Antoine and Zoira, but they are in a meeting discussing putting microphones in the key fobs. Marge then turns on the company and helps shut down the cars.

Homer is rehired at the Nuclear Plant, but a proposal to hire Marge is unsuccessful. They drive home in their car, which is on the back of a tow truck driven by a tow truck driver. CarGo tries to gain back customers by selling talking tattoos.


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