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Barbara Van Horne is the ex-wife of Melvin Van Horne and the mother of Warren Van Horne, and Becca Van Horne.


She was first seen in the episode "Realty Bites", where she played bowling in the house that Marge tried to sell.

Barbara was mentioned in the episode "I'm with Cupid", when all the men of Springfield were angry with Apu because he was giving large and expensive gifts to Manjula, leaving the wives of the men jealous and envious. Mel and other men had gathered at Moe's Tavern to complain about Apu, and Mel said, "My Barbara will no longer pleasure me with the French arts."

Barbara was also mentioned in the episode "All About Lisa", where, in The Krusty the Clown Show, Mel asks Krusty for a little dignity since his wife was giving birth to her future child.

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In the episode "The Nightmare After Krustmas", Barbara separates from Mel.

In "Springfield Splendor" it is implied they might have been remarried, as Marge asks Mel to say hi to her for him.