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The Bowlarama is a bowling alley in Springfield. It is owned by Barney Gumble's Uncle, Al Gumble. The Bowlarama was burned down when a fire in downtown Springfield destroyed it, alongside Springfield Symphony Hall, the Springfield Museum of Natural History, and the Springfield Arts Center. However, it was rebuilt quickly, and subsequently destroyed in other episodes, and also "moved" to the top of a mountain after an intense hurricane strikes through Springfield and only destroyed the Flanders house in Hurricane Neddy. The church sermons were held here after Homer won a court case to own the First Church of Springfield. Mr. Burns, when planning his Sun Blocker plan shortly after firing Waylon Smithers, also implied that he intended to take down the Bowlarama as a rival by stamping on a model of it and yelling "Take that, Bowlarama!"

Bowlarama tapped out

Tapped Out

League Night[]

Every week, they had a league night, which includes various teams of four bowlers each., as shown in the episode Team Homer.

Known Bowling Teams[]

Homer's Life[]

Homer worked as a 'pin monkey' at Barney's Bowlarama for a brief period shortly before Maggie was born. Working at a bowling alley was Homer's lifelong dream. Previously, he worked at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, but he just worked there to pay off all of his debt. As soon as he paid everything off, he quit his job and asked Barney if he could get him a job. Barney turns around and asks his uncle, who then fires Barney and gives Homer his job. Homer just started enjoying his new life, with no debt, two kids, a beautiful wife, until he heard Marge was pregnant with Maggie. His heart sank and it forced him to quit his new job and crawl through Mr. Burns' wall to get his job back in Sector 7G. He would also go on to bowl a perfect 300 game here.