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Barney's helicopter is a red and gray helicopter owned by Barney Gumble.


When Barney gave up drinking, he started taking helicopter pilot lessons. A few lessons later, Barney invited Homer along on a ride, which ended in an argument. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa were taking photos from the top of Mt. Springfield and mistakenly started a forest fire. Homer and Barney set off in the helicopter to save them. Unfortunately, they had problems without an instructor and landed on Springfield Bridge. A Duff Beer truck travelling on the bridge stopped, spilling some of its cans onto the road. Barney wanted to drink a beer to calm his nerves, but Homer stopped him and drank all six cans himself. They then arrived at Mt. Springfield, finding Bart and Lisa up a tall tree, surrounded by flames. Drunk Homer reached down and pulled the kids to safety.

When Mt. Springfield blew up, lava trapped Chloe Talbot and Lisa. Marge arrived there and took Lisa to safety. Chloe was then rescued by Barney in his helicopter.

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