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Barry Mackleberry is the father of Sherri and Terri, as well as their sister and two brothers, Jerry and Larry.


He is the supervisor of Homer at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He appears to have brown skin and blond hair. He seems to really have it in for Homer, due to his incompetence. After Homer collides with a pipe from the reactor while riding in a go-cart, he fires him but he was later reinstated by Mr. Burns and promotes him into safety inspector.[2]

After many seasons since Season 1, his character design has changed dramatically.

In The Simpsons Game, Sherri and Terri blame Kent Brockman for the fact that their parents weren't together anymore, and that Barry Mackleberry had a crush on Brockman. However, little evidence of this is shown in the series. This, therefore, should be considered non-canon.

Physical Appearance

Unlike his daughters who are a pale shade of yellow or a whitish cream color, he is a decent shade of yellow. He also has naturally blond hair, and wears a tie and jeans.




  • Sherri and Terri's last name was finally revealed in "Yellow Subterfuge", written on Principal Skinner's list of students. Therefore, not only their mother and father's last name is also Mackleberry, but their first names have finally been mentioned.
  • He was a Pilgrim in "Thanksgiving of Horror".