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  • When Milhouse and Samantha kiss for the first time, their arms make a heart shape.
  • The scene of Homer chasing after Bart a la the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark was called one of the "Top Five Male Underwear Moments on TV".
  • This the first episode where Bart and his best friend Milhouse fight for the first time since "Three Men and a Comic Book".


  • The scene where Bart steals the change jar parodies the famous sequence from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
    • 1.When Bart grabs the change jar = Indy grabs the idol
    • 2.When Homer falls down the stairs = The boulder scene
    • 3.Maggie fires suction arrows = The booby traps
    • 4.When the garage door closes = The chambers door closes
    • 5.Homer gets stuck in the door = Satipo in a booby trap
    • 6.Homer chases Bart with a rake and rants like a jungle native = The Hovitos with spears chase Indy
    • 7.Bart escapes on the bus = Indy escapes in a plane.
  • The major difference is while Bart did make off with the treasure, whereas in the original movie just when Indy thought he was home free, Rene Belloq was waiting with a platoon of Hovitos to force Indiana Jones to hand over the treasure.
  • In Lisa's science fiction magazine it asks "A.D. 2525: Were Zager and Evans right?" which is reference to the best known song of Zager and Evans; In the Year 2525.
  • The French national anthem plays when Milhouse and Samantha kiss for the last time before he and Bart walked back home.

A yellow robot head


  • The robot head on Lisa's magazine is colored yellow instead of gray briefly.
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